A Mind Blowing Hack to Clean & Refresh Grout

Refreshing Tile Grout Lines - Grout Renew, Tooth Brush & Bowl

Today I ‘m going to show you a cleaning hack to refresh your grout that will blow your mind! Forget the homemade grout cleaners made from baking soda, hydrogen peroxide, vinegar, OxiClean or Dr. McGillicuddy’s Miracle Elixir. They just don’t work, so let me save you from spending hours on your hands and knees scrubbing away.

The best part – this grout cleaning hack is so simple and easy and in the end your clean and refreshed grout will make your floors look the first day they were installed!

To believe it you have to see it, so I created the super short video as well as a few before and after photos.

Check them out and let’s get rolling on refreshing that grout!

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GIF showing cleaning and refreshing of grout tile with a toothbrush and Polyblend Grout Renew
Photo of dirty tile grout next to clean painted tile grout

Pick up any Loose Debris

The very first step is to give yourself a clean surface to work with. If you skip this step you’ll be painting/pushing around dirt and debris that has gathered in the grout. Trust me, I’ve done it!

I have this face-melting cordless Dyson stick vacuum which is a life changer!

Prior to having this little guy I would have to get out my traditional vacuum, unroll the cord, vacuum and roll it back up. To be honest, those few extra steps deterred me from vacuuming, which I’d do maybe every few weeks.

With this little guy I just pop it off the wall mounted charging base and go. This vac is so badass that I had a special outlet installed 4′ high in my utility closet in the newly built ShabbyChicHouse just for it.

Dyson stick vac on wall charger in closet with special 4' power outlet

Anyway, if you get a chance check this life changer out.

Back to cleaning. Quickly hit the center of the floor with your standard vacuum head. Then use the special angled attachment to get all the debris in the tough to reach corners. This really helps to get ALL the debris out of the cracks and tough to reach places where we’ll be refreshing our grout.

A Quick Scrub

Now whether you’re dealing with floor tiles or shower tiles it’s important to give your grout a quick scrub with a hard bristled brush. You can use a grout brush which makes it quite a bit easier to focus the pressure on the grout. If you don’t have a grout brush your standard scrub brush will work. Now typically, I just give my grout a quick scrub with a little warm water mixed with a drop or two of soap, like Dawn.

However, the real goal here is to remove and large chunks of dirt, debris, soap scrum or hard water deposits that have built up. If you have some extreme build up, you can also buy Sulfamic Acid Crystals. Just mix a small amount of these crystals with hot water and apply with a brush. When doing so, make sure to wear gloves, eye protection and wash off your tile with water after using.

Also, with Sulfamic Acid Crystals you’ll want to test this solution out on an inconspicuous area of your tile. I typically avoid using this solution on anything that’s not tile, such as marble (just to be safe!).

Bringing Out the Big Guns – Grout Colorant & Sealer

Now to be honest, I often fly through those first few steps. While they are important, they are just setting the stage for the big guns – which is our grout colorant & sealer.

You can use either Mapei’s Grout Refresh and Polyblend’s GroutRenew. Both products work amazingly well and in addition to refreshing your grout, both products act as a sealant to help prevent future discoloration.

Polyblend GroutRenew & Mapei Grout Refresh in front of a scalloped Italian Carrara tile with white grout

Start by dumping a small amount of your grout colorant into a small container. Start in the corner of the room opposite the door and apply the colorant to a very small section of your grout using an old toothbrush. Brush the colorant into the grout with a few extra stokes to make sure it soaks in.

For small tile such as these 3″ tiles I’ll apply to a single hexagon and then quickly wipe the excess colorant off with a damp rag. When wiping off I’ll try to wipe the top of the tile, but avoid getting the rag or paper towel down in the grout lines.

For larger tiles such as these 1′ tiles I’ll do maybe one or two 1′ sides of the tiles and then wipe off the excess colorant. This stuff dries fast, so it’s best to wipe off within 20-30 seconds.

Tile Floor with dirty and clean grout lines and a Polyblend grout renew bottle

Wow! Check out the two images below. You can clearly see how awesome the grout looks on the right hand side of both photos and how gross the grout was prior on the left.

1' x 1' square tile with dirty gross grout on three side and clean painted grout on one side
Tile Floor with right half of floor grout cleaned / refreshed

In the end, this easy and expensive hack truly helps refresh your grout and make your tile floors look like the day they were first installed.

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